[The Spanish best practice guidelines implementation project 2011-2016].

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Title[The Spanish best practice guidelines implementation project 2011-2016].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsRuzafa-Martínez, M., González-María E., Moreno-Casbas T., del Río Faes C., Albornos-Muñoz L., & Escandell-García C.
JournalEnfermería clínica
Date Published2011 Sep-Oct
KeywordsGuideline Adherence, Practice Guidelines as Topic, Spain

The Spanish Best Practice Guidelines Implementation Project 2011-2016 is intended to establish a reference framework for encouraging nursing decision-making based on the best available evidence at different levels of the National Health Service. In line with the Quality Plan for the National Health System 2010 of the Government of Spain, it pretends to improve the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of health care nurse, which will benefit our patients. This Project has been developed and will be set up thanks to the collaboration between the national Nursing Research Development and Coordination Unit (Investén-isciii), the Spanish Joanna Briggs Institute Collaboration Centre (consisted of the Institute of Health Carlos III, 14 Spanish Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality), and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO), Canada. The Project is structured in four basic strategies in order to answer the objectives. The first strategy is the translation of the 41 Best Practice Guidelines, which were developed by RNAO to the date. The second strategy, the dissemination of the BPG, aims to promote awareness of the existing guidelines across the whole nursing community, and to provide free on-line access. The third and fourth strategies aim to promote and facilitate the BPGs use and maintenance. To achieve these 2 last strategies, a Network of Centres Committed to Excellence in Care will be created to implement, evaluate and sustain these BPGs.

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